Sandrine Adeline
Director, Planner and Designer

As a little girl I would accompany my mother to cupboard sales.  I was awestruck walking past some of these tables that held old silver that showed its age by the color of patina it revealed, the brass candlesticks that still had the hardened wax speaking of the illumination of a dinner filled with happiness and hospitality. I recognized all these pieces as unique with a story to tell that was far from over. This is the foundation that started to develop my love and style for design elements.

 I pursued a career in Yachting in which I designed and planned events aboard Luxury Yachts with frequency and variety. No two events could be the same. This was an unprecedented opportunity for my creativity and drive that would prove to be incredibly formative. I eventually created my own Interior Design Company. Having completed numerous projects both in Private Residences and Yachts, and, as a reflection of my work, was asked to design some special events of many of my clients. This led to the birth of "Lucky You Events".

I knew then that weddings was going to be the perfect formula for me to express  my love for hospitality and stylish reception with aesthetic details.

 I have honed in on my personal style bringing to the table a design that speaks to lifestyle, movement, story, with an homage to the past and deep expectations for the future. I love to work with organic materials and vintage pieces, reflecting time honored traditions while at the same time bringing fresh, original style to each event’s unique purpose.

Celebrating ceremonious traditions and joyful moments in the South of France is not only my full time job, it is my love and my passion !


Annie Hernon
Assistant and Event Coordinator

With a background in high-end hospitality, joining Sandrine and Lucky You Events was a natural fit !

I have a degree in Textiles and Fashion Design qualifying in London. I have worked in Interior Design, shortly after my graduation, specializing in decorative effects. My career in the UK progressed on to a Project Manager in a creative media design agency. Settling in the South of France in 2005, I worked on luxury yachts, moving to private villa hospitality. There was a continuation of design and coordination of private events on sea and land, to a high standard in a very spontaneous and demanding industry.

Travelling is a huge source of my inspiration discovering new cultures, enriching, enhancing my creativity, spiritual and life development. I have qualified as a yoga teacher whilst travelling Asia and worked as Design Assistant for a large fashion house in Sydney Australia.

I am passionately inspired by colours and aging paintwork, textures of textiles, organic architecture and transformation.

I love to tell and receive a story and capture time though reading, films, photography, poetry and art.

Pop up moments of happiness and beauty and are my things !